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August 5, 2023 Taper's Choice "The 2nd Annual Choice Fest" Spoke Bicycle Cafe · Los Angeles, CA, USA

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ghost_llama August 6, 2023
If you are reading this review here, you get The Choice and this show was for us. The show starts off a little weird with last segment of Doner Wrap before going into Toad. But this Toad has such heat that I didn't think about Doner being only the reprise. Next thing I know they are playing the best version of Lilac Palace ever created. Then this is where things got really crazy, Born to Burst was played before Every Bubble and the band found new spaces to explore and it ripped. The band then aces they test they failed last year before a stellar run of Walkin'>Running>Darkness (all fire) then the opening riff of Doner is heard and it clicks is this CF 1 backwards. The debut cover confirming my thoughts they are indeed playing backwards. 
The band was extra loose, the crowd was vibing, and the jams got heady. 
Must listen show. The band has entered another orbit. 

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