API Documentation

The current version of the Taper's Choice API version is v2.

All valid requests to the API will begin with https://taperschoice.net/api/v2. If you use that URL without any further data, it will return HTTP 204, no valid method found.


  • setlists - display setlist data
  • latest - display most recent show setlist data
  • shows - display show data
  • songs - display song data
  • venues - display venue data
  • jamcharts - display jam chart data
  • albums - display data related to discography
  • metadata - display setlist metadata

API Request Structure

  • all data returned via a method: /[version]/[method].[format]
  • specific row in a method: /[version]/[method]/[ID].[format]
  • all rows matching a query: /[version]/[method]/[column]/[value].[format]


There is no authentication for API calls - no token or key is necessary. No data is passed via POST or HEAD requests, only by URI and, optionally, by GET parameters.

Additional Parameters

Additional parameters may be passed via query string:

  • order_by: name of column to sort by
  • direction: direction to sort, either asc or desc (default asc)
  • limit: number, maximum number of results to return

e.g., /[version]/[method]/[column]/[value].[format]?order_by=[column]&direction=[direction]


API version 2 data is available in the following formats: JSON (.json) and HTML (.html).


The following are valid URLs to call the API:

Description URL
https://taperschoice.net/api/v2/setlists/showyear/2023.json?order_by=showdate shows from 2023
https://taperschoice.net/api/v2/setlists/songname/Lilac+Palace.html setlist records of the song "Lilac Palace"
https://taperschoice.net/api/v2/latest.json?order_by=position&direction=asc latest shows, sorted by position ASC
https://taperschoice.net/api/v2/shows/show_id/1675794947.html shows with show_id 1675794947
https://taperschoice.net/api/v2/venues.json all venues
https://taperschoice.net/api/v2/shows/venuename/Side+Pie.html venues named Side Pie
https://taperschoice.net/api/v2/venues/state/CA.html Shows in the state of California
https://taperschoice.net/api/v2/venues/city/Altadena.json Shows in Altadena
https://taperschoice.net/api/v2/jamcharts/city/Altadena.html Jamchart entries in Altadena
https://taperschoice.net/api/v2/jamcharts.html All jamchart entries in JSON
https://taperschoice.net/api/v2/albums.json All album tracks in JSON

Error Checking

If your request contains an error, you may end up with unexpected output. If your request URI contains a typos, uses improper case, or requests or sorts by a nonexistent column, you may end up with no data in your response.

If you use the HTML format – an error will display "No results found.".

The JSON format works a bit differently. Every JSON response is has three return nodes: error, error_message, and data. A successful response will contain error 0, a blank error_message, and a data object populated with your response. An error response will contain error 1, a text-based error message, and a blank data object.

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